Predict your growth. Get a solid baseline of right fit customers.

You know what tomorrow looks like. Now you need to get there. With Bunes & Ferenczi you get the right customers. In the right markets. So that growth is only a matter of time.

Hans Bunes and Zsuzsanna Ferenczi ​
Co-Founders, Bunes & Ferenczi


Find a smart way to grow your customer base.


Expand into new markets fast and efficient.


Re-energize growth through new customer acquisition.


"We need to decide what to invest and we don't have an endless budget"

What if you knew which customers to approach... and could measure your growth to a predictable plan? Bunes & Ferenczi hunker down to find the right customers, test, iterate and validate. So that you can scope your investment. And get into key markets.

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Get total control of your growth

Building a business is never easy. Budgets are stretched and can be ineffective when you’re using intuition to find your customers​.

Start with your Ideal Customer Profile.

See what your optimal market looks like.

Convert pre-qualified prospects to customers.

You get a strongly aligned plan across your team. And a foundation for your sales and marketing investment.


Never miss out on a customer opportunity

You need to scale your growth with a fast and low-risk Go-to-Market expansion.

Get the description of your future Ideal Customer Profile.

Test against a selected group of accounts.

Iterate until your sales narrative matches your expansion objectives.

So that you can take the strategic pressure off your Sales team. And let them focus on business growth.


Growth is outside. Understand the real potential

You are an established player, but there is still untapped potential out-there. And, your customers are no longer behaving like they used to.

Get the description of your untapped Ideal Customer Profile.

Test and iterate your narrative until you have a perfect match.

Quantify your potential by using advanced modelling.

So that you can focus on engaging your prospects at the right time making it easy for them to buy from you.

New ideas are cool but...

It's time to validate your growth plan. And go.

And find out about our success based fees.

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